In our practice we have two independent, spacious offices equipped with high-end professional devices. At each dental unit there is a dental microscope and X-ray camera – the patient doesn’t have to get up from the chair to take the X-ray. The microscope is routinely used in most procedures, allowing for precise examination of the dentition, preparation of the dental cavity or root canal treatment. In the waiting room, you can use Wi-Fi internet access.

We cherish quality, precision and aesthetics of our restorations and we make an effort to individualize the treatment plan always looking for the best solutions. Prosthetic and implantoprosthetic treatment is always preceded by a detailed analysis of the aesthetics and function of the dentition, and each stage of the treatment process is thoroughly discussed with the patient.
We are also relentless in our efforts to constantly upgrade our skills, keeping an open mind to new ideas, trying to choose the materials and techniques that we believe will serve You best. We wish to create a place where not only you will meet with professional care, but also spend time in pleasant atmosphere.


Why microscope?

For many recent years in dentistry we witnessed a great leap forward, ranging from the improvements of the dental chair, by miniaturization of tools to modern materials and medicines used every day to treat patients. Dentistry is currently one of the fastest growing areas of medicine, where the modern technology meets the requirements of dental practitioners.

Dental treatment is associated with working in a very small operative area, the surface of which is often no more than a few mm2. In many cases, the bare human eye is not able to see all the details required, eg. for the correct, precise preparation and filling of the dental cavity. A doctor working in a dental microscope is able to see the magnified image and thus is able to precisely control all stages of the treatment.
Microscope enhanced dentistry is also much less aggravating for the doctor, what remains crucial for the healing process, according to the principle: „If the doctor sits well and sees well – he can treat well.”